Tornatech DSM Diesel Fuel Fill Monitoring Station - 120v

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  • Item #: Tor-DSM-120

Model DSM - Fuel Station Monitor for Diesel Fire Pumps
120 Voltage

by Tornatech

The Model DSM fuel fill station monitor for diesel fire pump applications serves as a “Stop Fill” visual and audible annunciator. With its NEMA 4X enclosure and standard supplied anti-condensation heater and thermostat, the DSM is built to be installed outdoors near the diesel fuel fill pipe. The dead front enclosure makes it vandal-proof so the DSM does not need to be mounted high off the ground to avoid being vandalized. 

UL Listed

  • NEMA 4X vandal-proof enclosure
  • Supervisory power 120V/1ph
  • Visual indicators and operators (inner panel)
  • Supervisory Power ON
  • Stop Fill
  • Silence - Test
  • Audible alarm (100dBa at 10ft)
  • Anti-condensation heater and thermostat
  • Provision to connect stop fill fuel level float switch
Sequence of Operation
  • Confirm “Supervisory Power On” white pilot light is illuminated.
  • Test audible alarm by toggling the selector switch to “Test”. Audible alarm will sound. If audible alarm does not sound in “Test”, NO FILLING should occur.
  • Confirm “Stop Fill” pilot light IS NOT ILLUMINATED. If “Stop Fill” red pilot light is illuminated NO FILLING should occur as tank is already at a High Level or level float switch is faulty.
  • When “Stop Fill” level is reached, audible and visual alarm activates. - Toggle selector switch to "Silence" 
  • Fill procedure is complete.

Available Options

  • Stop Fill Fuel Level Switch, Adjustable heigh 2.75" to 10.5"
  • Combined Stop Full and Low Fuel Level Switch (Specifiy Tank Diameter)


UL Listed

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