Main Relief Valve - QUOTE

Fire Protection Main Relief Valve Cla-Val Bermad Kunkle
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Main Relief Valve - QUOTE

Fire protection pressure relief valves are UL Listed/FM approved and are designed to automatically relieve excess system pressure in fire protection systems. They are normally installed on the discharge side of a fire pump between the fire pump discharge and the fire pump discharge check valve.  These valves are available as both pilot operated, such as Cla-Val and Bermad, or in a spring loaded design such as Kunkle. Valves are generally furnished in an angle pattern, but the globe/straight style is an available option for the pilot operated valves.

Typical installations for these valves would be for use with a diesel fire pump to protect against engine over-speed and also when a Variable Frequency Drive style controller is used. Current NFPA 20 standards do not permit the installation of relief valves as a means of minimizing or eliminating excess pump churn pressures. Earlier NFPA 20 standards did not however specifically disallow this as an option. The current NFPA 14 does permit the installation of various types of pressure regulating or reducing valves as a means of reducing the fire pump discharge pressure versus a pressure relief valve.


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