Kunkle 3/4" Figure 20 Fire/Jockey Pump Casing Relief Valve Angle

Fire Pump Casing Relief Valve Kunkle
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  • Item #: VK20R

Kunkle Figure 20 Fire Pump Casing Relief Valve

The Kunkle Figure 20 is an all bronze angle pattern liquid relief valve with a pressure tight cap. The cap is removed to expose a drive screw and lock nut which is used to adjust the valve to the desired pressure setting. The Kunkle 20 is neither UL Listed or FM approved and it is recommended that a Cla-Val 55L be used for fire pump applications.

3/4" MNPT x 3/4" FNPT

Note: These valves perform better and will last longer if they are installed in a vertical position with the discharge facing out.

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Price $157.99

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