Hose Valve / Standpipe Flow Test Device

Hose Valve / Standpipe Flow Test Device
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  • Item #: G-HVTM
Designed to accurately measure pressure and GPM flow through 2-1/2” and 1-1/2” standard or pressure reducing hose valves.

  • “In Line” testing provided through calibrated venturi flowmeter
  • Lightweight device, easily allows testing on multiple floors
  • Eliminates labor expenses and valve substitution with bench testing
  • Meets testing requirements of NFPA 14 and NFPA 25 to insure a defect-free system
  • Nomad testing utilizes drain risers and fire hoses to disperse water

Test Device includes:

  • Swivel to connect PRVs
  • Calibrated 0-400 PSI gauge
  • Calibrated Venturi
  • Calibrated 0-350 direct reading
  • GPM gauge
  • Globe/Throttle Valve
  • Hard Case (37” x 10” x 12.5”) included with every order

OPTIONAL - Add Fire Hose 

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Price $1,990.00

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