Cla-Val 55L 3/4" Fire Pump Casing Relief Valve UL/FM 20-200

Fire Pump Casing Relief Valves Cla-Val
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  • Item #: VCla55L20200

Cla-Val model 55L-60 Fire Pump Casing Relief Valve 
20 to 200 PSI

The 3/4" Cla-Val Model 55L is a UL Listed and FM approved direct acting, spring loaded, diaphragm type pressure relief valve which can be installed in any position and is designed to open and close within very close pressure limits. The adjustable pressure range is 20 to 200 PSI and typical installations are use as a fire pump casing/circulation relief valve or they may be installed downstream of a pressure reducing valve.

By removing and relocating the 3/4" plug in the valve body the new design permits installation in either an angle or straight orientation.

The 55L-60 has replaced the obsolete 55L.

Fire pumps per NFPA 20-2010- are required to be provided with a listed automatic relief valve. The Cla-Val 55L, while costing more than a non-listed valve, meets the requirements of NFPA 20, will typically last longer, and are less prone to leakage than other types of relief valves.

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