Allenco Pro-Pak Basic - Fire Pump Packing Extractor Puller Set

fire pump packing puller extractor set
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Allenco's Pro-Pak "Basic" Packing Extractor / Puller Tool Set
by Allenco 

Allenco's Pro-Pak "Basic" Packing Tool Set contains an 15 piece assortment of flexible extractors/pullers, solid shaft picks, replacement cork screw tips, wrench, and tool box for easy removal and replacement of pump and valve packing.
The flexible shaft packing extractors/pullers contained in this set are some of the most rugged available. They are constructed of twisted steel strand cable with a flexible design allowing easy access of hard to reach areas. The replaceable tempered steel corkscrew tips permit tip replacement without sacrificing the entire tool.


  • Toolbox
  • (2) FS-1 Flexible Extractors / Pullers with Replaceable tip for 5/16” and up Packing Space
  • (2) FS-2 Flexible Extractors / Pullers with Replaceable tip for 7/16” and up Packing Space
  • (1) PS-7 Solid Shaft Pick 1/8” Diameter by 10” Length
  • (1) PS-8 Solid Shaft Pick 3/16” Diameter by 10” Length
  • (1) PS-9 Solid Shaft Pick 5/16” Diameter by 10” Length
  • (3) CT-1 Tips for FS-1 Extractors / Pullers
  • (3) CT-2 Tips for FS-2 Extractors / Pullers
  • (1) Wrench for Replacement Tips


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