Allenco Fire / Jockey Pump Sensing Line Kit - Copper

Fire Pump Sensing Line Kit
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  • Item #: A-SLK-C

Fire Pump Sensing Line Kit
Sweat Copper Version
by Allenco Fire Protection Products 

Allenco Sensing Line kits for Fire Pumps and Jockey Pumps make installation and purchasing EASY! Includes everything you need (except pipe) to install your sensing line. 

Includes all 3/4" and 1/4" sweat copper fittings and threaded adapters typically required to install a fire pump or jockey pump pressure sensing line including valves, fittings, orifice unions, pipe hangers, strut clamps, and gauge. Installation drawing included.


The copper tubing or strut itself is not provided.


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Price $138.95

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