Allenco 2-1/2" x 50' Premium Rubber Coated Fire Hose

Fire Pump Test Hose
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  • Item #: RedHose2.5-50

 2-1/2" x 50' Premium Rubber Coated Fire Hose
by Allenco Fire Protection Products

2-1/2" FNST x 2-1/2" MNST  Hose x 50' with Aluminum Rocker Lug Couplings

This red lightweight flexible hard wearing rubber covered single jacket industrial fire hose is ideally
suited for fire pump testing. This specially formulated synthetic nitrile encapsulated fire hose is more
impervious to water, oil and chemicals then standard single jacket hose, and is specifically designed to
be maintenance free and kink resistant for easy handling and storage.

This hose has a burst pressure of 750 PSI, an acceptance test pressure of 500 PSI, and a service test pressure of 250 PSI.

Our hose also features excellent flow characteristics for improved fire pump
testing with approximately 35% lower friction loss when compared to standard fire hose.

Also available in 15' and 25' lengths.

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Price $197.94

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