1/2" Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve

Jockey Pump Relief Valve Fire Protection
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  • Item #: V-Adj-RV

1/2" Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve

Designed for use in grid systems or any sprinkler system where pressure relief is required. The Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve can be adjusted from 75-200 psi. Adjustment to the desired pressure is achieved with the use of an approved fi re sprinkler system pressure gauge. The adjustment cap is “diamond” knurled for easy adjustment. The body is cast bronze* and marked with directional arrows for proper fl ow indication. The pressure markings on the adjustment cap are for reference only. Use the system gauge for proper relief setting.

1/2" MNPT x 1/2" FNPT

75 - 200 PSI Adjustable

This valve is not for use as a fire pump or jockey pump casing relief valve.

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